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Disgusted families unite to scrub out racist city graffiti

families are so upset by racist graffiti being daubed on walls in north inner city Dublin that they are removing it themselves.

The vile scrawls are aimed at the high number of foreign nationals in the Dublin 7 area.

Local councillor Cieran Perry said residents had taken it upon themselves to remove the graffiti because the council had been slow to react.

"It's becoming almost an epidemic," Cllr Perry told the Herald. "Local people want it highlighted so there is an onus on the council to clean it.

"When they get on to the council about it, they don't remove it quickly enough."

Disturbing graffiti saying "n***ers out" and "no n***ers" has been appearing regularly in places such as Prussia Street and Manor Street, he added.

John Walsh, who lives in the area, said the problem had been going on for over a year.

"It's fairly localised on phone boxes, posters, walls and business premises," said Mr Walsh. "It's written in black marker -- it's very noticeable. It's fairly intimidating stuff."

Mr Walsh, who is a member of Anti-Fascist Action, said he and a number of other local families had cleaned the graffiti themselves.

"The council have been dragging their feet," he said, adding that the graffiti was still appearing even though it was always wiped off.

"It's a bit of a pain having to do it as it is the council's responsibility to be taking care of that."


Cllr Perry tabled a motion for Dublin City Council's central area committee asking for "the removal of the recurring racist graffiti in the Prussia Street/ Manor Street area".

The council had not replied to a query at the time of writing.

However, it was claimed last year that the local authority had run out of funding for key graffiti-removal programmes.

Former Labour councillor Anne Carter said she had been informed no more graffiti would be removed by the council except in extreme cases.