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Discarded like rubbish ... meet the puppies left for dead on side of road

THESE helpless newborn puppies were dumped by the roadside and left to die.

It was by pure chance that a workman discovered them on a grass verge in Longford.

He put the pups in his hat to keep them warm and then called the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA).


It was feared nothing could be done for the dogs, but the ISPCA's Denise McCausland bottle-fed them around the clock until they were out of the woods.

But she told how they probably would have died within hours if they had not been discovered.

"They were hungry and they were cold," Denise said.

The terrier cross pups, named Cupid and Valentino as they were found on the eve of Valentine's Day, have come on leaps and bounds.

But Ms McCausland said it was disgusting that they had been treated so poorly in the first place.

"It is completely shocking to see defenceless animals being discarded like rubbish and left to die at the side of a busy road," she added.

The ISPCA is also concerned for the welfare of their mother and any other siblings.