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Disabled woman's terror as 'IRA men' invade home


Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai (Stock image)

Gardai (Stock image)

Detectives are investigating whether IRA thugs were responsible for a terrifying incident in which a 43-year-old disabled woman was terrorised in her own home.

Criminals stormed into the house on Monday night demanding to know her son's location.

The incident happened at a housing estate in Finglas at around 8.30pm when three males, who spoke with Northern Ireland accents, entered the property.

Sources told the Herald that gardai are investigating if the shocking incident is linked to an alleged €6,000 debt that dissident Republicans claim they are owed by the woman's 24-year-old son.

It is not known whether the young man does in fact owe any money to dissident Republicans.


In an interview with the Herald, the disabled woman admitted she was left terrified by the incident - but will not leave her son homeless despite the fact his presence in the Finglas house may put both of them at risk.

"There were three of them. They came to the house. They were well dressed - the three men were wearing trench coats or the like.

"One stayed on the road, one came into my room and the other ran upstairs to look for my son," she added.

The woman was in bed as the two men searched the property for her son.

However, the two men did not touch her at any stage during the brief home invasion.

Luckily, the woman's son was not in the house and another male relative had only left 15 minutes earlier to go to the shops for messages.

"When they realised my son wasn't here they left. But as they left they told me: 'You'd better find him before we do. Because if we do, you'll never get the body.'

"I was absolutely terrified."


Sources say that the men were spotted leaving in a dark coloured car and that later on Monday night, gardai gave the 24-year-old man security advice.

The young man told the Herald he was shocked by his mother's ordeal - and by the sinister threats levelled against him.

"Of course I'm scared. I don't know what they want to do to me. I'm feeling suicidal over the whole thing," he said.

Armed gardai were called to the property but the young man said he is now pleading for emergency accommodation in a safe location.

"I don't know what to do. I want to go somewhere safe. But I have to stay here because I have nowhere else to go.

"And I'm afraid that just by being here I will put my mother at risk."

However he refused to discuss the origins of the threat against him. The mother and son insisted on remaining anonymous for personal safety reasons and we have agreed not to reveal the estate that they are living in.

Relatives were yesterday repairing damage to the front door of the family home and providing support for the terrified pair.

"I asked the guards about getting somewhere else safe to stay but they said they don't deal with that," the young man said.

"I just don't know what to do or where to go."