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Directors changed scripts to suit my age, says Neeson (62)

He might be in his 60s but Liam Neeson is still a bonafide action movie star - thanks to directors adjusting action roles to suit him.

At 62, Liam wasn't necessarily an obvious choice for blockbuster action films until the surprise international hit of Taken.

But the Northern Irish actor is very grateful to still be working and to be offered roles in blockbusters.

And he said that the script is often adjusted to suit his age.

"It's a luxury I'm still working at this age," Liam said.

"The hero in action movies is usually mid-30s.

"I'll send those scripts straight back, but a week later I'll get a new one through and the main character is suddenly in his mid-50s," he revealed.

The star will always hold a special place in people's hearts for playing badass father-on-a-mission Bryan Mills in the Taken franchise.


Since then he's appeared in similar action-heavy flicks such as aeroplane-based thriller Non-Stop and crime drama A Walk Among the Tombstones.

But while he's aware of typecasting, a healthy salary can always win him over.

"My agent will suggest something and I'll be outraged and exclaim, 'No!'" he told German magazine, TV Movie.

"Then he'll tell me how much I get for the role. And I'll do it."

Liam has Taken 3 out next year and also appears in crime drama Run All Night.

In addition, he has signed up to star in the sequel to US comedy Ted.

It might seem like a lot for the father-of-two to take on, but he's not fazed.

"I feel good and do my press-ups every day," he said.

"All the fight scenes and punch ups I do myself. But a stuntman does any jumps through windows."