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Did the earth move for you as twister tore through city?

IT'S not Kansas - it's Crumlin.

But a tornado passed through the south inner-city suburb before making its way to Phoenix Park -- and nobody appeared to notice.

The twister has been officially classified by Met Eireann and occurred on October 17.

The tornado tore through southwest Dublin, ripping up trees and damaging homes in the early hours.

Tornado expert John Tyrrell said lives could have been put at risk if the furious funnel of wind had hit later in the day.

Large trees were uprooted and metal sheets torn off garden roofs as the tornado travelled more than a mile from Crumlin through housing estates and across main road and then headed for Phoenix Park.


Dr Tyrrell, of UCC's geography department, explained: "The winds were in excess of in the order of 85mph to 90mph. So you had sustained winds within the rotating vortex at that sort of speed, carrying debris. When you have projectiles whizzing around at those speeds -- you are in a very dangerous environment. If people are around, unless they take cover, it's a very dangerous situation."

It appears no one saw the twister, although some people say they heard it and Met Eireann has officially classified the extreme weather event as a tornado.

The weather service has traced the path of the storm, showing it crossed Crumlin Road near the shopping centre and then moved across Mourne Road, Davitt Road, Emmett road and St John's Road before entering the National War Memorial Park.

It continued across Chapelizod Road and into the Phoenix Park, where it finally blew out.

Met Eireann has launched a full investigation into the freak event confirming its status as a tornado which hit the Crumlin area at 6am and travelled in a south to north direction.

The weather service is consulting with Mr Tyrrell about the event and says it will publish further information after a full analysis of the data.

In June this year one of the biggest ever tornadoes recorded in Ireland struck Slieve Sneacht, near Buncrana in Co Donegal.