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Laptops are the most popular electronic device for Irish consumers, with 80pc of consumers using them.

The smartphone now enjoys the second highest level of penetration of device ownership, with 68pc ownership, a Pulse study for the Carat media agency – conducted online by iReach Market Research using a telephone survey approach – indicates.

Smartphone ownership is hugely skewed towards younger consumers, with 82pc of 18-34s having one, compared with 47pc of consumers aged 55 and over.

While desktop PCs are proving less popular, among the 55s-and-over age group, 68pc of them still own one.


Tablet PCs are owned by just under a third of the Carat panel, spread evenly across all age ranges.

eReaders are now owned by by one in four consumers, peaking among the 55-plus age group.

Commenting on the findings, Carat's Dael Wood says online behaviour has changed in line with device usage.

One size does not fit all. Content must be tailored to match the behaviour of device users.

On average, internet users spend almost twice as much time (24pc) reading short articles over long content (13pc). Laptops score high for most content consumption.

Mobile phones perform well for watching short videos (28pc), listening to content (33pc) and reading short articles (23pc).


Wood says there has been a sizeable shift towards consumers sharing content, with almost four in 10 users doing so.

Men and young adults are the most active content sharers.

Men are twice as likely to create content as their female counterparts and 38pc say sites like Twitter are prompting them to share more content.