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Determined dad in sandwich board job hunt

UNEMPLOYED dad-of-two Paul Grierosu is so desperate for work that he is advertising himself with a sandwich board to passing motorists in the hope of getting a job.

Paul (27), who is originally from Romania but is living in Lucan, said he is fed up languishing on social welfare.

"I have worked in many places -- in construction, in kitchens, in warehouses," he said. But after his last pay cheque in January 2011, Paul has been unemployed.

"I am on social welfare but I hate it," he said. "I have been walking around every day, placing my CV in companies in industrial estates all around the city. I have been registering with my local employment officer and going to agencies that help you find a job. But all I have received is letters saying, 'thank you for your application, we don't need anyone at the moment, but we will keep your CV on file'. I don't want to stay on social welfare forever."


Paul said he saw how a person in the UK was successful in obtaining a job after he stood for days with a sandwich board.

And it gave him the idea to stand beside the RDS in Dublin 4 with the sign, stating 'give me a job' in the hope of catching some employer's attention. "I said, 'I have to try this'. I won't give up until I get a job."

Paul said some people were curious about his method to find a job and stopped to talk and take his details.

"A few people got my CV. I hope somehow, someone will give me a job."

Paul's wife Adriana is also on the hunt for work, the couple have two daughters -- Jeanine (8) and Erika (4).

"She's looking for a job as well. She was working with a company who investigated insurance claims," he said. "But she has also been working as a cleaner."