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Detective quizzed on 'hit and run' of little girl

A DUBLIN-based detective is under investigation for a possible hit-and-run and drink- driving incident after a four-year-old girl was knocked down.

The incident happened in Rathfarnham last Monday, shortly after 11am, when the girl was playing near a relative's house.

It is believed she was riding a scooter on the pavement when she was hit by the reversing car.

It is reported that the driver left the scene without talking to the child or her parents, who rushed the girl to hospital for X-rays to a leg injury.

The girl was not seriously injured but suffered severe bruising.

The gardai were contacted by a witness and the man returned to the scene within an hour, where he was questioned a short time later. While he was being interviewed, gardai became suspicious that he may have been drinking, and he was arrested after he failed a breathalyser test.

Sources say he has since claimed that he had taken a drink at home after being called back by a relative who told him that the young child had been rushed to hospital.

Gardai are now waiting for results of a blood test to determine if the garda – who is a senior detective – should face drink-driving charges.

The man has told investigating gardai that he thought the child was uninjured.

A Garda spokesman said the matter was being fully investigated and a file was being prepared for the DPP on the matter.