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Detection rate 67pc in murder probes

GARDAI have secured a detection rate of 67pc in their investigations into the 51 murders in Ireland last year.

The detection rate relates to those cases in which gardai have pressed charges or cases that have been closed.

Most of the other murder cases are still under active investigation.

In official figures obtained by the Herald, it was revealed that there were two less murders in 2013 than the 53 that occurred in 2012.

The Dublin region had the highest rate of murders last year with 19 taking place while the south-east had the lowest rate with three murders.


The eastern and western Garda regions each had eight murders while there were seven in the southern region and six in the northern region.

A senior source said: "The detection rates from the murders which happened last year show that gardai have one of the best records for detecting murders of any police force in Europe.

"Out of the 51 murders last year, 34 have been marked detected and that is very good going indeed.

"But the public also needs to be aware that active investigations are still taking place into many of these deaths."

According to the official garda classification of the murders, there were 12 in which firearms were used while knives or sharp instruments were used in 11 of the murders, a blunt instrument was used in one and two involved physical violence against the person.