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Desperate search for boy's body

Amid the ruins of his wrecked neighbourhood, Jean-Rene Lochard retrieved the bodies of his mother, brother, sister-in-law and nephew, and buried them with a priest's blessing.

Then, he dug deeper, searching for his brother's five-year-old son. Only when he finds the boy will he rest. "I need the body to bury him," he said. "It's important to bury the bodies," he says.

With 150,000 bodies already in mass graves, international teams, families, neighbours and even strangers were pulling at the rubble.

Two weeks after the killer earthquake, they were desperate to recover some of the thousands of Port-au-Prince's lost dead to lay loved ones in the earth to rest in peace.

For the living, the Haitian government and international groups are preparing a larger tent city on Port-au-Prince's outskirts.