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Designer Kiely thinks big

IRISH designer Orla Kiely, above, has plans to expand her business with husband Dermott Rowan.

Kiely Rowan designs, with their retro stem leaf-print designs, can be seen on products from handbags to Citroen cars, clothes, accessories and bedding in 33 countries.

The group expects brand retail sales for the year to March forecast to increase 20pc to stg£46m (€53m), according to Rowan.

"We can grow up to 20pc organically," said Dermott Rowan, who owns the company jointly with Kiely.

He said they were looking at several options, which could include selling shares to the public, as well as looking for a long-term partner, such as a fund.

Money raised this way would be used as working capital and to open more stores, he said.

Kiely's designs, which have also been used on a range of Apple laptop accessories, will go on sale at Harrods next month.