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Derval puts foot down over Jimmy Choos

FEET FIRST: Derval O'Rourke and a pair of Jimmy Choos

OLYMPIC athlete Derval O'Rourke revealed how she put her foot down on her doctor's advice to cut the back from her Jimmy Choo wedding shoes after painful surgery.

The sprint hurdler said she was bargaining with her surgeon after the painful achilles operation to be allowed to wear killer heels but managed to squeeze into them on the day.

Derval tied the knot with sailor Peter O'Leary (29) in a ceremony in Parknasilla, Kerry, earlier this year.

But Derval (32) said that she couldn't focus on the excitement of the big day because of the trouble with her foot.

"Before the surgery, I had never thought about what would happen afterwards, I had only thought about getting through the surgery. I found myself wondering if my career was done," she said.

"Rather than getting excited about the wedding, I was very sad about my foot.

"Peter said I was allowed to be sad as I wanted, but that it would pass and that our wedding day would be great, no matter what."

The Cork native tweeted after her wedding: "I rocked out a fab pair of Jimmy Choos, didn't let the Achilles affect my fashion."

And she has now revealed how her doctor didn't appreciate the importance of wearing the designer footwear.

"I asked him about this most amazing pair of Jimmy Choos, and he told me I could wear them if I cut the back out of them," she said.

"The nurses started laughing and told him no one takes a scissors to Jimmy Choos, even if they've had surgery."

The couple are building a new home in Crosshaven in Cork, but O'Rourke has yet to make a definite decision on her athletics career.

Hotel staff at Parknasilla had a miniature hurdle and a boat waiting outside for the couple's wedding guests.


"(It was) the best day of my life, better than all the times I've won medals or broken records," she said.

Derval is currently rehabilitating her achilles until the new year and is out of action until next spring at the earliest.

The couple got to know each other on the flight home from the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

"It wasn't until we were on the plane back home that we really connected," said O'Rourke.

"It was a very long flight and we spent hours talking together."