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Depression killed my dad, reveals Eddie

ECONOMIC guru Eddie Hobbs has spoken of his late father's ongoing battle with depression.

Hobbs, who is one of Ireland's best known financial advisers, broke his silence on the topic for the first time this week, explaining that he wants to help banish the stigma attached to speaking out about the condition.

Eddie admits that his beloved dad's illness and subsequent death took an enormous toll on his family while he was growing up, and says it has taken him years to find the courage to speak about this part of his life openly.

"It was depression that killed my dad, I'm certain of it," he told the Herald.

"It won't say depression on your death certificate and in his case it doesn't because he died of a heart attack, but depression was the real cause of his death. There's no doubt.

"He had suffered with it for 20 years. He'd lost a lot of weight at the end, he had given up on life.

"It takes a huge toll on your physical well being, of course it does. The two are interlinked and if your mental health goes untreated, it will eventually bring down your physical health as well.

"There were no organisations like Aware to turn to back then. If I was 30 years younger and he had been born 30 years earlier then he might be still alive now because I'd have made sure he got the help he needed," he added.

Eddie told his moving story in order to highlight Depression Awareness Week, which kicked off earlier this week and coincides with charity organisation Aware's 25th anniversary.

The former Rip Off Republic presenter is hoping that by lending his name to the campaign and sharing his experience with depression, he might encourage others to seek help.