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Dentists fill a gap in market by offering €199 Botox treatment

A growing number of Irish dentists are now offering Botox treatments in a bid to counter falling customer numbers.

The wrinkle treatment can be bought in Ireland for as little as €199 at a number of dental clinics.

Meanwhile, hundreds of consumers are travelling up North to avail of the service, which is being offered there for €120.

The Hylagen clinic in Newry, Co Down, admitted that up to 80pc of its patients come from south of the border, with 50-100 people getting Botox each week.

The treatment is considerably cheaper than at clinics in the Republic, as it is administered by a nurse. Dentists here are reporting a huge surge in demand for the facial treatment, which involves the patient receiving a toxin injection to the face, which eliminates wrinkles.

Jack Kelly, secretary of the Royal College of Plastic Surgeons said: "A growing number of dental practices may be offering these treatments in order to diversify given the fall-off in dental work."

Dr Altona Myers, a dentist with the Seapoint Clinic in Blackrock, said she provides Botox and other facial treatments to almost half her patients.

"It's relatively new for dentists in Ireland to be doing it, but dentists in the US and England have been doing it for years, and it's a natural fit given our knowledge and training in facial anatomy," she said.

Dr Myers added that many customers preferred the discretion of a dental surgery, rather than being seen visiting a cosmetic surgery.

"A lot of women don't even tell their husbands they're getting it, so we don't indicate what the procedure was on the receipt."

However, The Irish Medicines Board has warned patients to ensure the professional administering the treatment has the appropriate qualification to do so.

"[Botox] should only be given by physicians with appropriate qualifications and expertise in the treatment and the use of the required equipment," the board said.

However, it said it had so far received no reports of adverse reactions from the treatment.

Currently no training courses involving Botox exist in Ireland, meaning a number of professionals are administering the treatment without specialised training.

The Royal College of Surgeons has said that it is looking to offer a training course in Botox for doctors and dentists.