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Dennis threatens to menace road users over a wet weekend


Storm Ciara brought ferocious wind and rain to Dublin last weekend

Storm Ciara brought ferocious wind and rain to Dublin last weekend

Storm Ciara brought ferocious wind and rain to Dublin last weekend

Another wet and windy weekend is predicted as Storm Dennis makes its mark on the roads, with spot flooding likely around Dublin, according to Met Eireann.

While the wind and rain won't be as ferocious as when Storm Ciara blew in last weekend, two status yellow wind and rain warnings will be in place for Dublin and the rest of country today.

Violent southerly winds veering south-westerly could reach gusts of between 90kph and 100kph by mid-afternoon.

This has prompted Met Eireann to issue a status yellow wind warning that will be in place until 8pm.


Winds will be strongest on exposed coasts and hills, while mean wind speeds will reach between 50kph and 65kph.

The greater Dublin area can also expect between 10mm and 20mm of rain by late afternoon. This could cause spot flooding on roads due to the saturation from deluges over the past week, according to forecaster Matthew Martin.

A status yellow rainfall warning will be in place between 6am and 9pm today with spells of heavy, thundery rain.

"There will be very heavy downpours in the afternoon and evening, and there could be some localised flooding from Saturday afternoon into the evening," Mr Martin said. However, the winds will be offshore so there is not a risk of coastal flooding in the Dublin area.

While there is likely to be some drizzle and patchy rain, this morning will see the best of the weekend weather.

A reprieve will follow later when the wind and rain abates for a time around 8pm tonight.

Temperatures will also be mild today with daytime highs hitting double-digit figures of between 10C and 12C.

However, conditions will begin to deteriorate again overnight as Storm Dennis blows in from the Atlantic, bringing more spells of heavy rain, including some thundery downpours and a renewed risk of spot flooding.

Tomorrow will see extremely windy conditions - with violent squalls and stormy conditions along Atlantic and north-western counties, although the east and south can expect less rain and brighter conditions.

Temperatures will plummet, with daytime highs of just 4C to 8C with "a very significant wind chill factor" that will make it feel much colder.

Snow showers are also possible on higher ground tomorrow as well as into the early part of next week, Mr Martin added.

"Monday and Tuesday will be quite cold with a few wintry showers and a touch of frost. There could also be a bit of snow on the Dublin and Wicklow mountains," he said.

Severe winds will ease by Monday morning, but it will remain cold and windy, although Dublin and the south and east can expect drier conditions than elsewhere. The mercury will not exceed 4C to 7C during the day with sub-zero temperatures expected overnight.