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Dee Dee gangsters bomb innocent mum's Mercedes

ASSOCIATES of gangster Dee Dee O'Driscoll have bombed an innocent mum's car.

Gardai believe that Ballyfermot gangsters detonated a device under the woman's car early yesterday to deliver a 'warning' to an associate of hers.

The gang carried out the attack after the mobsters heard reports that the woman's associate gave information to gardai.


A source said: "This was intended as a warning to the innocent woman's associate -- do not give information about Dee Dee. It is being treated with the utmost seriousness."

Gardai say a woman and her two young children -- one just 18 months -- could have been seriously injured in the terrifying 2am incident yesterday.

The device exploded outside the front door of the family's home at Rossmore Drive in Ballyfermot.

The improvised device was described as sophisticated and was planted under the rear right wheel of a Mercedes sports coupe, parked outside the house.

While initial reports stated the attackers had selected the wrong house, the link to Dee Dee O'Driscoll's gang has now emerged. O'Driscoll is a known gangster, active in the Bally-fermot area for the past 15 years. He recently returned from Spain, where he had fled after a rival gang threatened him.

The source added: "O'Driscoll's gang wanted to make sure that the woman did not give any information.

"They couldn't find her so they targeted an associate of hers yesterday, a young mum who is totally innocent.

"The attack has been reported as being one of mistaken identity, but this is wrong. The car was deliberately bombed."

The pipebomb exploded at around 2am yesterday and army bomb experts were called to the scene shortly afterwards.

The bomb has renewed the garda's attention on O'Driscoll, regarded as one of the most fearsome gangsters in Dublin.

He rose to prominence in 1997 as a 23-year-old when he was convicted of animal cruelty for causing unnecessary suffering to a jaguar and an African serval -- a wild cat -- and keeping them in cruel conditions.


He was also one of the criminals who were found guilty of paying off Garda John O'Neill who was sent to prison in 1998 on 16 charges of accepting bribes.

On one occasion in 1996 -- when O'Driscoll bribed the former garda with IR£5,000 -- the criminal organised that the hand-over of the money be videotaped so he could use the footage to blackmail the corrupt garda.

O'Driscoll fled the country last year after learning he was a prime target for his rivals.