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'Decent man' with drug issues turned to forged prescriptions


Oisin Ó Coigligh admitted trying to use a fake prescription

Oisin Ó Coigligh admitted trying to use a fake prescription

Oisin Ó Coigligh admitted trying to use a fake prescription

A man who tried to get medication with forged prescriptions did not have an "ounce of criminality" in him, but got caught up in a sleeping tablet addiction, a court heard.

Oisin Ó Coigligh (31) was "introverted" and did not mix with the type of person who would sell the drug on the street when he resorted to using fake prescriptions.

Judge Gerard Jones adjourned the case and said he would strike it out if he made a €500 charity donation.

Ó Coigligh, of Oakwood Avenue, Swords, pleaded guilty.

Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan told Blanchardstown District Court that gardaí were called to Hickey's Pharmacy, Main Street, Finglas, on June 11 last year.

The accused had presented a false prescription for medication and when a call was made to the doctor's surgery, it was confirmed it was not genuine.


On July 12 last year, staff at Leonard's Corner Pharmacy, South Circular Road, called gardaí because the chemist was unhappy with a prescription Ó Coigligh had produced.

The accused developed a problem when he began taking medication that was prescribed to another family member and it "took a hold of him", defence solicitor Simon Fleming said.

Although the tablets were "10 a penny" on the street, Ó Coigligh did not mix with the type of people who would sell them.

The accused was in employment, but he had been "blighted" by his problems.

He was now drug-free for a year and hoped to be able to get on with his life without criminal convictions.

Judge Jones told the accused he was a "very decent man" with "not an ounce of criminality about you, but you just got caught up in this drug addiction and what you did was wrong".