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Debt fears for boss as model business shuts

FORMER model agent John Compton fears he will not be able to pay back his debts following the closure of his agency Compton Management.

"It's tough -- really tough," the 44-year-old told the Herald.

"I can't really talk about it because I'll get in trouble, but I'm just focusing on getting the money together at the moment."

John, a former top model, ran one of the country's top agencies for the past 10 years.


But when the Irish economy took a nosedive, John's business was badly affected.

Last month, he took the painful decision to close his company after more than a decade in business -- but has made a vow to pay back his debts.

John described the decision to close his agency as "very sad and the end of the an era", but he is relieved to be free from the growing pressures that had arose.

"I can really just breath a sigh of relief now, it had become so stressful," he said.

"I've had the chance to relax for a while which has been great."

He admits that he's not ready to leave the industry yet, and has hopes of still being involved with fashion in the future.

"I have meetings during the week which I can't discuss yet, but I definitely am not planning on leaving the industry any time soon. It's my passion and although I wouldn't get involved with the agency business again, I would hate to leave completely."

A major aspect of the agency business that John found difficult was the "parent figure" role he undertook with models.

"They would ring me up at any time with all sorts of problems and issues. That was difficult because I was their boss but would feel the need to be a parent figure for them and help them out."