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'Death wish' woman fined

A JUDGE asked a woman who was intoxicated and lying on a blind bend on a road if she had a death wish after hearing a car had stopped only three feet away from her.

Gillian Dunphy (35), of Dun Eimear Way, Lusk, blamed a "night out with the girls" and "too many shots".

Dunphy pleaded guilty at Balbriggan District Court to being intoxicated and being a danger to herself and others at Barrack Lane in Lusk last September 13.

Judge Dermot Dempsey asked if she had a death wish and warned her to control her intake of shots.

"How would the poor motorist feel if they had crossed over you?" he asked before fining Dunphy €250.

€127k estimate for Titanic plan

A deck plan and the only surviving menu from the Titanic's first-class restaurant could fetch up to £100,000 (€127,000) at auction in England next week.

The deck plan was used by French maid Elise Lurette (59) to find her way to the lifeboats after the liner hit an iceberg in April 1912, with the loss of 1,500 lives. She survived.

Also in Ms Lurette's coat pocket when she was rescued was a lunch menu.

Legal high teen fighting for life

A teenager suspected of taking a so-called legal high dubbed "coma in a bottle" is fighting for his life.

The 18-year-old is critically ill in a medically-induced coma after it is believed he took GBL, a chemical normally used to clean alloy wheels.

The unnamed youth, from Chichester, West Sussex, may also have taken amphetamine before being found "delirious" in a street in Wick, Littlehampton.

Palin daughter 'in party brawl'

The daughter of controversial US politician Sarah Palin has been involved in a mass brawl outside a party.

Witnesses said 23-year-old Bristol Palin punched a homeowner several times outside a house in Anchorage, Alaska.

The claims came after police responded to a report of a fight among about 20 people outside a home on September 6. The report said no arrests were made at the time and no charges will be filed.