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Death threats to staff after dole letter row

A DUBLIN City Council officer had his life threatened during a altercation about a social welfare claim.

The incident took place at the city offices when a man "became very aggressive" after he was refused a proof of address letter.

A senior council official outlined how two men entered the premises, demanding the documentation at the counter.

The pair were told the letters would not issue one until a demolished wall at their Dublin halting site was reinstated and a mobile home removed.

One of the men became "very aggressive" and "threatened to trash the whole site", the official wrote in a report.

The man stated he would kill the council executive "except that there was a glass partition" separating them.

The official then walked away, reporting that he could not be expected to address the question of the demolished wall in that environment.

It is understood the incident took place at the council's headquarters at Civic Offices on Wood Quay, though the local authority would not comment on whether this was the case.

The other member of the family in attendance was a cousin who "allegedly recently returned from England", the official stated.

He added that "serious criminality" has occurred at the halting site "for many years".

In previous reports, the council official outlined his difficulties with the halting site "due to serious health and safety concerns" for him and an inspector.

He requested the matter be brought to the attention of councillors.

The details were contained in a report attached to the agenda of the council's upcoming council meeting.

The local authority subsequently withdrew the report, saying it had been sent in error.

Dated May 14, the official's report stated: "At our public counter, I have just dealt with the tenants son plus a cousin who has recently returned from England. They were demanding proof of residence ... for social welfare purposes.

"I informed them that no such letters would issue until the demolished wall ... was reinstated and the mobile home removed.

"At that stage (one of the men) became very aggressive, threatened to trash the whole ... site and stated that he would kill me except that there was a glass partition between us. I walked away at that point."