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Death threats, car chase and claims of a 'turncoat' spy as Hutch gang implodes

  • Man (23) warned of threat to life over links to cartel ‘lookout’
  • Bizarre chase after Hutch drives car at childhood pals


Nathan Coakley Hutch and his girlfriend Nikita Murtagh

Nathan Coakley Hutch and his girlfriend Nikita Murtagh

Nathan Coakley Hutch and his girlfriend Nikita Murtagh


A number of one-time close pals in the Hutch gang have turned on each other - leading to death threats, chaotic scenes and GIM forms being issued.

Armed gardai are monitoring a tense situation in the north inner city which indicates that the Hutch mob is in turmoil.

At the centre of the simmering tensions is Nathan Coakley Hutch (26) - a violent criminal who is a nephew of exiled leader Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch.

A 23-year-old career criminal from the St Mary's Mansions area of the north inner city who previously had close links to Coakley Hutch has been issued a GIM form by detectives after getting into a row with his associates, the Herald can reveal.

He has close links to Ciaran O'Driscoll (25), of Avondale House, Cumberland Street, who last week admitted in the Special Criminal Court that he agreed to act as a lookout and help the Kinahan cartel's plan to murder The Monk's brother Patrick 'Patsy' Hutch in 2018.

Sources say this is one of the reasons why the 23-year-old has been offered official security advice by gardai.

A GIM form is an official garda document warning a person that their life is under threat.


"It seems that Nathan's crew are blaming him for being one of the 'turncoats' who have been spying on them in the north inner city on behalf of the Kinahan cartel," a senior source said.

Other sources revealed that it was Coakley Hutch who "first instigated" a bizarre car chase on Sheriff Street last Thursday when he drove at two former north inner associates who he would have grown up with.

In the other car were a 34-year-old criminal previously involved in the largest bank robbery in the State's history and a 40-year-old gangster who has survived at least two previous gun attempts on his life.

It is understood the duo were travelling in the 40-year-old's own BMW car when Coakley Hutch saw them and gave chase.

The 34-year-old previously worked for Gary Hutch in the 2009 College Green bank robbery, which yielded almost €8m. Hutch's murder in Spain in 2015 sparked the deadly Hutch/Kinahan feud.

"Nathan started driving after them but then the other lads turned around and started chasing after Nathan, who crashed his vehicle into a low-loader in an impact which didn't cause much damage really," a source said.

"The entire incident was caught on CCTV and after the crash Nathan went home and the other car left the area.

"Then some time later a masked man who was apparently armed with a handgun arrived at the family home of Nathan's girlfriend, Nikita Murtagh, in Mariner's Port looking for him but he was not there and the suspect then fled the area.

"Gardai are treating the latter incident as an aggravated burglary, while the first incident is being looked at in relation to dangerous or careless driving. Of course it is being investigated that both incidents are linked.


"There have been no arrests but things are pretty tense around here.

"There is a lot of stuff going on here - internal rows, some of which are silly but these rows can often develop into more serious things.

"With all this going on, the Hutch mob are losing an opportunity because the Kinahan cartel are perceived as being very weak at the moment with the huge success the gardai have had against them."

Coakley Hutch has been blamed by the Kinahan cartel for being one of the gunmen disguised as an armed garda involved in the 2016 Regency Hotel bloodbath but he has never been arrested for this.

He was locked up in jail when his older brother Derek (27) was shot dead outside Wheatfield Prison on the orders of the cartel in January 2018 - one of 18 murders linked to the feud.

Nathan - nicknamed 'Harry' - had managed to evade any serious prison term for most his life despite being regarded as a major criminal by gardai.

However, his luck ran out in 2017 when he was extradited from the UK to face charges in Ireland related to driving a stolen vehicle and armed robbery.

One of the cases related to a city centre car chase on Christmas Eve 2015, when he was spotted in a stolen car in the Ballsbridge area.

Despite managing to flee the scene, the vehicle was later found to contain the thug's DNA, and a knife and a canister of petrol were recovered. He subsequently received a two-year jail term.

More than a week later, he received a five-year jail term for his role in the armed robbery of a Spar shop in north Dublin. He was released from jail last year.

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