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Death sentence man is freed

Officials say a man who cheated the hangman at the gallows has been freed after 19 years on death row in Nigeria.

Thankgod Ebhos (54) was dragged to the gallows and watched four fellow death-row inmates being hanged in June 2013.

He was saved because prison officials realised that his sentence called for him to be shot by a firing squad.

Human rights lawyers filed an appeal noting he had been convicted while the country was under a military dictatorship notorious for unfair trials and torturing confessions from prisoners.

He was released last Friday.

Space station dodges junk

The International Space Station has had to sidestep a piece of junk on the same day that a US company is sending fresh supplies.

NASA says debris from an old, wrecked Russian satellite was due to come dangerously close to the orbiting lab - a gap of just two-tenths of a mile. To keep the station and its six inhabitants safe, the station was going to manoeuvre out of harm's way.

Mission Control said the move wouldn't affect the planned launch of a commercial supply ship.

Pupil shoots teacher dead

A pupil shot and killed a teacher during class in a town in southern Estonia, police said. The shooting happened in Paalalinna school in the town Viljandi and the shooter has been apprehended. No one else was injured.

Estonian media said the shooter was a 15-year-old boy and the victim was a 53-year-old teacher of German.

Officials said that the weapon was registered to the boy's father.

'One comedian is quite enough'

Comedian Russell Brand has ruled himself out of running for mayor of London, after reports that he was considering standing for election.

Brand - who has written a new book, Revolution, about how he want to see society change - said he was "absolutely not" planning to succeed Boris Johnson.

"We've already got a comic in the job. If you want a daft comedian running London, just leave things as they are."