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Death not part of a Northern 'clean-up'

Gardai are satisfied that IRA man Peter Butterly was shot dead as part of an internal feud among dissident Republicans.

However, he was not murdered on the orders of the Northern leaders who are in Dublin to "clean out" the organisations.

Junior associates of slain IRA terror boss Alan Ryan were involved in yesterday's daylight assassination.

Ryan and Butterly's mobs were involved in a long- term money rows over extortion and both gangs were prepared to kill each other.

Sources say that the "ironic thing" about this is that some of the young men involved in yesterday's murder are themselves targets of the Northern leadership who are trying to streamline the organisation.

Close associates of some of the men arrested yesterday have been knee-capped on orders of the Northern command. The Herald revealed in January that four Northern IRA bosses travelled down to Dublin to carry out an "intense clean up) of the organisation.

– Ken Foy and Niall O' Connor