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Dealer questioned over shooting up Gilligan's innocent sister's home


Thomas Gilligan, who visited the scene yesterday

Thomas Gilligan, who visited the scene yesterday

Thomas Gilligan, who visited the scene yesterday

A 26-year-old drug dealer was still being questioned last night about a gun attack on the home of the innocent sister of notorious gangster John Gilligan.

Several shots were fired at the home of Lorraine Dunne on Tuesday night, when a gang of thugs gained access to the house and caused damage to the interior.

The property, at Greenfort Crescent, Clondalkin, was targeted at 9.20pm, but no one was injured in the incident.


Detectives are working on the theory that the attack is not linked to Gilligan, one of the most notorious criminals in the history of the State, who has been living in the Blanchardstown area in recent times.

Instead, gardaí are investigating if the incident is part of a bitter localised feud in which a young man with close links to Gilligan is a participant.

The 20-year-old was one of three males arrested 10 months ago in relation to the attempted murder of a small-time criminal, who suffered serious injuries to his leg after he was blasted twice with a handgun at Shancastle Park last December 17.

"There is a simmering feud in the area between a number of groupings of young men," a source said.

The man being questioned last night is from Tallaght and was detained close to the scene of the shooting by members of the Armed Support Unit (ASU) just minutes later.

He was given a five-month jail sentence earlier this year for dealing heroin and crack cocaine in the city centre after being busted twice by gardaí and is understood to be battling a severe drug addiction.

He has served a number of short sentences and has multiple previous convictions, including for possession of knives, theft, damaging property and public intoxication.

There were tense scenes at the property in Greenfort Crescent yesterday morning, with one young woman insisting the shooting had nothing to do with John Gilligan.

"This is a crowd of young fellas," she screamed.

Later, Gilligan's brother, Thomas, who lives in the same estate, arrived at the scene and spoke to family members.

There was no sign of John Gilligan, who survived being shot numerous times at his brother's home in March 2014.


Extensive damage was caused to their innocent sister's home in Tuesday night's attack, including the ground floor living room window and front door being smashed.

John Gilligan's 20-year-old associate, who is not believed to have been in the house at the time, is closely linked to another local thug, who is on bail in relation to serious drugs and firearms offences.

He too is very friendly with John Gilligan (68), who senior sources say continues to be heavily involved in organised crime.

An associate of his was caught with a number of firearms last month during a major investigation into gangs based in the capital and the midlands.

Gilligan's associates continue to be heavily involved in drugs trafficking, according to sources, and are targets for a number of specialist garda agencies.

Convicted drugs trafficker Gilligan led the gang that murdered crime journalist Veronica Guerin in June 1996, which led to the formation of the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB).

Last December, Gilligan's final property was disposed of behalf of the CAB. The house, in Lucan, Co Dublin, was sold for €380,000.