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Dealer jailed over €17k haul

A DUBLIN drug dealer whose parents have been subjected to serious threats and violence from his associates has been jailed for two years.

Conor Doyle (27) of Drysdale Close, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to having cocaine worth €7,000 at Main Street, Dundrum, and 1,000 tablets worth €10,000 at the D4 Hotel, Ballsbridge.

Doyle told gardai he was getting regular threats from drug dealers and that he had planned to sell on the drugs.

Doyle said he was too afraid to say who he was holding the drugs for.

The judge said Doyle caused the troubles for his parents. He imposed a suspended sentence of two years for the first offence and a sentence of two years for the second offence.

Asteroid 'more like avocado'

Scientists say new views of the massive asteroid Vesta reveal it is more like a planet.

Since slipping into orbit around Vesta in July, Nasa's Dawn spacecraft has beamed back stunning images of the second largest object in the asteroid belt.

Vesta's rugged surface is unique compared to the solar system's much smaller and lightweight asteroids.

Impact craters dot Vesta's surface along with grooves, troughs and a variety of minerals.

Vishnu Reddy of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany said most asteroids resembled potatoes, but Vesta was more like an avocado with its iron core.