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Deadly haul as 10 held in street battle

TEN men were arrested in west Dublin after a violent row spilled over into open warfare on the streets of Ballyfermot.

An arsenal of weapons including slash hooks, golf clubs, pick-axe handles and baseball bats were used in the melee in broad daylight at Colepark Park, Ballyfermot, yesterday afternoon.

The row broke out around 2pm and up to 30 men, most of whom are from the Ballyfermot area, quickly became involved in the brawl. The rioters were all aged in their late teens and early 20s.

A garda patrol car crew operating in the area radioed for back-up as the terrifying brawl swept up and down the roadway -- with officers unable to control it.

A number of other garda units were quickly on the scene, and managed to subdue the violence, making a series of arrests.

An array of weapons were abandoned on the street as the gardai moved in and arrested the suspected ringleaders.

The majority of those involved are from Ballyfermot but among those detained were individuals from Tallaght and Rialto.

No one was seriously injured, but one person, a 29-year-old man, was taken to St James's Hospital with a shoulder injury. He was later discharged.

All of the men have since been released, and charges are now under consideration.

According to sources one of the weapons used in the riot was a Samurai sword. Most of the other weapons were hammers and baseball bats.

Yesterday's violence is believed to be linked to a fight in the area two weeks ago, which was under garda investigation.