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Deadline looms to register for house tax

HALF a million homeowners have less than 48 hours to register their homes for property tax.

The deadline for filing local property tax returns online is tomorrow at midnight.

Earlier this year, the Government issued property tax letters and forms to more than 1.6m property owners.

The deadline for returns by post was May 7.

Revenue Commissioners are encouraging those who have yet to file to do so as soon as possible.

Revenue's Local Property Tax Project manager Vivienne Dempsey warned that anyone who does not file will receive correspondence from the Collector General advising them of the next steps.



"We will be collecting local property tax from their wages or their occupational pensions.

"We will then write to their employers or their pension providers to instruct them to deduct the estimated amount," Ms Dempsey said.

Any property which is being sold must have paid all property tax due on it before the sale can be completed.

Up to the end of April, €22m in up-front payments had been received.

There are 20 tax bands beginning at €50,000 which go up as far as €1m.

Some homeowners will be able to defer their payment.

If your gross income does not exceed €15,000 for a single person, €25,000 for a couple and you have no mortgage, you can defer the payment.