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Dead cats and starved dogs in horror house


A HOUSE of horrors was discovered by Dublin's Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) and gardai are questioning two people after three dogs had to be put down.

The DSPCA was called to a Dublin housing estate this week where a number of starving dogs and the skeletal remains of several cats were found.

The inspectors arrived after a house in the Dublin estate had been reported to the charity and the gardai arrived shortly afterwards. The case is currently under investigation and two people are being questioned by the gardai.


"The conditions were absolutely disgusting. There were years and years of faeces layered on the floors," explained a spokeswoman from the charity.

"Decomposed and skeletal remains of cats were on top of the layer of faeces. The carcasses were left to rot."

According to the Dublin society, dogs were living in "appalling conditions" and three of the emaciated dogs had to be put down as a result.

The animals were living both inside the house and in a shed outside.

They were removed by gardai. One dog, Willow, is under 24/7 surveillance at the animal shelter at the DSPCA but he's doing well.

"This is just one of the many cases dealt with on a daily basis by inspectors and staff at the DSPCA," explained the charity.

The remains of at least five cats were found on top of the layer of faeces and more carcasses are suspected to be embedded in the rot.

"They died of starvation or illness," the spokeswoman said.

The DSPCA knocked on the door of the house of horrors and after the inspectors realised the case was so severe the gardai were called. The society said that the people in the house were "not too shocked" when the inspectors arrived.

The charity said it was a case of "severe neglect linked to severe ignorance."

The spokeswoman explained that people convicted for animal cruelty offences have in the past spent between six months to two years behind bars.

In one incident an offender was given a 10-year suspended sentence but in similar cases of neglect, leading to death, the prison term has reached two years.

Offenders may also have to carry out community service, receive a fine or a ban on keeping a particular pet.