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Dating app a Stitch in time for seniors


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With divorce rates skyrocketing among baby boomers and the idea of online dating becoming more alluring to the older generation (19pc admitted they've tried it at some point), it was only a matter of time before someone created the equivalent to the modern day phenomenon that is Tinder.

A reported 3pc of Tinder's 50 million strong user base are between the ages 45 and 54, but Stitch, which is mostly active in the US and Australia, has been dubbed the baby boomer's equivalent to Tinder - though Stitch's CEO, Marcie Rogo, is adamant it's more than that.


"At first I was really offended we were being associated with Tinder, but then I realised that a lot of our users have found us by googling 'Tinder for seniors' because they know their kids are on it, and they're wondering if there's something for them as well," she said.

While Tinder, and other dating sites and apps like it, puts an emphasis on 'hooking up', Stitch claims it is is all about companionship, both romantic and platonic.

Stitch user Deborah, from California, said she spent over $3,000 (€2,838) on dating websites after her divorce.

"With Stitch, I feel like there is finally something that is made for someone seeking real companionship in their 60s, and not marriage."

Ms Rogo added that she was inspired to create the app after observing how the elderly community operated in America: "People felt like they were a burden on their families and that they were meant to kind of just sit there and die".

Currently, Stitch has a global user base of 25,000 up from 18,000 just last month.