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Date for Quinn family court fight

A DATE has been fixed next April for the hearing of a legal battle between bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn's family and the former Anglo Irish Bank.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly in the Commercial Court set a provisional date of April 9, 2013, for the case that could last nine months and will involve thousands of documents. But the judge said this date was not set in stone.

Patricia Quinn and her five children deny liability for €2.3bn in loans which they claim were given illegally by the bank to prop up its share value.

The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC), formerly Anglo, is pursuing the Quinns for €2.8bn.

IBRC told the court it would be presenting the Quinn family with 60,000 documents connected to the case.

Sean Quinn's son-in-law, Niall McPartland, who is not a party in the case, told the court yesterday he was speaking on behalf of the Quinn children, Sean Junior, Ciara, Colette, Brenda and Aoife Quinn, and for their mother Patricia Quinn. The Quinn daughters were also at the court yesterday.

Mr McPartland said there did not seem to be a lot of progress made in the matter and he asked that the case be fixed for hearing before the second anniversary of the litigation in May next year.


Lawyers for the bank had asked the court not to fix a date for hearing as there were issues outstanding regarding discovery of documents.

Barry O'Donnell, for the bank, said the trial would take between six and nine months and would involve a series of complex issues with expert evidence.

Mr McPartland said it was likely the family would have legal representation.

Mr McPartland said each of the family members have prepared witness statements in the case and these will need to be updated before the trial goes ahead.

Mr Justice Kelly said when the Quinn lawyers come on the scene they can mention the matter before the court in case timetable adjustment is needed.