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D'Arcy's wild beard had to go after Aoife's change of heart


Gordon D'Arcy with his wife Aoife. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Gordon D'Arcy with his wife Aoife. Photo: Caroline Quinn

Gordon D'Arcy with his wife Aoife. Photo: Caroline Quinn

IT was Aoife Cogan's U-turn on her husband's beard that prompted him to finally shave it off.

Ireland and Leinster star Gordon D'Arcy (34) has told how his wife, former Miss Ireland Aoife (29), wanted to call time on the facial hair.

"Apparently I'm the only one sorry to see it go," he said.

"She was a fan of it up until about six weeks ago when she just said, 'It's just got wild. I did like it when it was a little more kept and less wild'."

The Wexford native and Six Nations champ added that growing the impressive beard was a long-time dream as his father had a bushy one when he was younger.

"I didn't realise how thick it was until a couple of months into it when I was like, 'This is ridiculous'," he said.

However, D'Arcy would not have grown it without his wife's approval.

"I think I'm probably a lot more comfortable in myself and I've a very understanding wife who oddly enough actually liked it as it was growing," he said.

"Then there was probably the bet as well after the New Zealand game."

D'Arcy and Jonny Sexton made a bet after they lost to the All Blacks that if Ireland won the Six Nations he would shave it off.


Unsurprisingly, there was no shortage of volunteers among the Ireland squad keen to wield the clippers, but D'Arcy said that particular honour fell to Racing Metro star Sexton.

He also said it took several days to digest the reality of their victory.

"On Monday evening when I was spending a bit of time with my wife, she was like, 'What are you smiling at?' and I was thinking, 'I've won a second championship'," he said.

He also credited the relationship between himself and Brian O'Driscoll in their midfield partnership as one of the decisive factors in Ireland's success.

"Complete trust – that's when great things happen in sport, when players and teams trust each other, and that's something we've had and it's happened very quickly in our centre partnership," he said on Ray D'Arcy's Today FM show.