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Daniel's debt of honour as he pays back €50 taxi fare to Dublin stars

NOBODY can say Daniel Radcliffe doesn't pay his debts. The Harry Potter star has repaid an old debt to members of the Dublin minor winning football team who partied with him two years ago.

It may have taken 24 months but the 25-year-old finally got around to repaying €50 he borrowed from the young players after a long night of celebrations.

The Harry Potter star partied with the Dublin team after their All- Ireland win in 2012 and the team coughed up for the movie star's taxi fare.

Clearly coming from the school of thought that you are better to pay late than never, the actor has just posted a crisp €50 note to Conor Mullally, a member of the team.

"I couldn't live with myself if I didn't honour my word and pay you back," he wrote in a thoughtful note. I hope this covers it," he added. On the night in question in September, 2012, the young actor, who is now a teetotaller, was keen to sample all things Irish and what better way than a GAA celebration. Not content with a 3am end to his night, he stumbled across the elated GAA team, who had beaten Meath in the All-Ireland minor final hours earlier, on Grafton Street.

The star was invited to an after-party in captain David Byrne's house in Dundrum where the fun continued into the small hours.

Photos of Radcliffe with the Tom Markham Cup lit up the internet the following day. On a recent trip to Dublin to promote his latest movie, What If, the actor was presented with a personalised jersey with 'Radcliffe 25' printed on the back by his old friends.

Conor Mullally yesterday posted a picture of the €50 repayment, along with the note. The footballer was clearly impressed and described Radcliffe as a "gent".