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Daniella - I'm glad we won't be living and working together


daniella moyles

daniella moyles

daniella moyles

Daniella Moyles is relieved that she won't constantly be seeing her DJ boyfriend Dara Quilty at work as she takes up her new job at Spin 1038.

"Spin is in the same building as 98fm so I'm sure we'll see each other at work, but it's good that we won't be living together and working on the same show together."

The presenter and model has been announced as the new voice of Spin 1038's The Zoo Crew with her iRadio co-presenter Cormac Moore.

The duo will be presenting Spin's most popular show, which airs Monday to Friday from 6:45pm until 8:45pm.

Daniella (26) is delighted the pair were able to move to Spin together, telling the Herald: "It was definitely good that we could move as a pair. Working together at iRadio meant that we had developed a natural chemistry with each other. Plus, it's nice to start a new job with someone that you're used to working with, having him there definitely makes me more comfortable."

Their new show will be a new direction to what they've done before, explains Daniella.

"They're two very different types of show. Spin is a lot more of a formatted show because they collaborate with huge clients and celebrities so we're going to have to adapt to that. It's going to be a challenge and it's good to learn how to present different types of show."


Now that she no longer has to commute to work, the Kildare beauty is looking forward to taking up modelling again.

"iRadio was in Athlone so commuting took up a lot of my day, but now that I'm back in Dublin, I might be able to fit in some modelling.

"It's not that I quit, it's just that travelling was taking up so much of my day."

Daniella has spent the last few weeks travelling around Eastern Europe before starting her new presenting gig.

"It was lovely; I definitely milked the last few weeks of the summer," she said.

However, Daniella won't be partying the weekend away at Electric Picnic so that's she's ready for Monday.

"I was going to go for the weekend but I think I might just head down for one day now so that I'm set for Monday; it's a small sacrifice for the show."

As a celebration of the launch next week, the new Zoo Crew are going to be giving away free Dominos pizza every evening to listeners of the show.