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Daniel tells the young to learn from old

Daniel O'Donnell has urged more respect in society for older people, saying the young in the internet age forget their "wealth of knowledge".

The singer was speaking as he launched the Donegal Age Friendly Strategy yesterday.

The 53-year-old has returned to spend the summer in Kincasslagh from his Tenerife base as he continues his career break.

The strategy was developed following extensive consultation with older people across the county and aims to ensure that older people continue to play an active role in their communities.

He said young people often forget the wisdom the older generation has to offer.

"Many people born in the 1980s and onwards know very little more than about computers and technology and they really are missing out on so much," he said.

"Many do not realise or appreciate the vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom that the older generation have to offer.

"I think if these people sat down with the older generation and listened to them, they would learn so much."

Daniel said his thoughts were with his mother Julia, as it is a year this week since she died.

He said she would have loved yesterday's launch of the strategy, which aims to look after the needs of the elderly.

"Like me, she would have been very proud to know it was starting here in Donegal," he said.