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Daniel Radcliffe confesses his love of Irish beauties

Harry Potter star 
Daniel Radcliffe is a major fan of Irish women and has previously been out with two Irish girls.

Speaking to the Diary, Daniel confessed his love for Irish beauties.

"I've been out with two Irish girls in the past so I can definitely imagine falling in love with an Irish girl. I've done it before but I don't want to say too much in case it sounds like I'm going to hit on the entire nation."

The 25-year-old was in Dublin to promote his new romantic comedy, What If. Radcliffe plays a young man burnt out from a string of failed relationships and strikes up a friendship with a girl who lives with her boyfriend. Sparks fly and things get complicated.

The English actor spent some time in Dublin for the new movie and spoke fondly of his time here.

"I love Ireland, I haven't spent too much time in Dublin aside from filming but I spent a lot of time in Clare and all up along the west coast. It is just so beautiful."

Daniel admits that he's a hopeless romantic and spent time as a teenager writing love poems for girls he had a crush on.

Daniel is seeing actress Erin Darke and has been gushing about her saying: "I'm going out with my best friend at the moment."


Although if he does become single, girls should take note that he loves talking sports with his girlfriend.

"She's an obsessive Detroit Redwings fan - when your girlfriend can talk sh*t about sports better than the men she's doing that with, that's pretty sexy."

Radcliffe recently met up with friends he made from Dublin's 2012 minor underage footballers who he celebrated with when they won the All-Ireland championship.