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Dancing parents top the teen 'shame' league

Nine out of 10 teenagers admit to being embarrassed by their parents with dodgy dancing and public displays of affection top of the cringe list.

The survey polled 1,500 teens and 88pc admitted to being regularly embarrassed by their parents.

Almost two-thirds (72pc) said they would not introduce a new love interest to them in order to avoid embarrassment. The survey was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to celebrate the release of the Modern Family Season 2 box set.

They found almost two- thirds (60pc) admitted to telling exaggerated stories about their own teenage days o impress their children.

More than a quarter (26pc) admitted to telling their children they had received better exam results than they really did. A similar number (24pc) had falsely claimed to have seen bands like The Beatles and The Who.

Relationship expert Jenni Trent Hughes said: "It's amazing the lengths parents will go to try and communicate with their kids but it would seem attempts at appearing cool and trendy are having the opposite affect and sending kids running to their bedrooms in embarrassment."

The Top 10 embarrassing things parents do:

•Dodgy dancing (38pc)

•Public displays of affection (37pc)

•Telling them off in public (30pc)

•Dated and cringe-worthy jokes (29pc)

•Singing (24pc)

•Getting drunk (22pc)

•Showing friends family albums and home movies (19pc)

•Trying out text speak and getting it wrong (19pc)

•Trying to dress cool (18pc)

•Becoming friends on Facebook (18.17pc)