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Daithi pays tribute to his late father as they welcome baby Michael óg

RTE'S Daithi O'Se has paid an emotional tribute to his beloved late father Maidhc by naming his new son Michael óg.

The Kerryman (37) revealed how he and wife Rita Talty (30) kept the name secret from his mum Kathleen so he could surprise her when his punctual baby was born on St Patrick's Day.

"After my own dad's passing, Rita's pregnancy was something for her to focus on," Daithi told the Herald.

"She came down to Galway when she heard we'd had the baby and got a bit of a fright when I told her the name. But she was thrilled.

"Becoming a dad is absolutely amazing. You don't realise how amazing it's going to be.

"It's like you don't know what to say or how to feel. It doesn't get much better than this."

The Today Show co-presenter revealed that his wife Rita's father was also named Michael, so it was always a popular choice as a name.

"Rita was keen on David as well, but I didn't want him named after me so we decided on Michael and then we liked the idea of adding the Og, so the name's a tribute to both grand-parents," he said. He actually looks like Rita's father."

Daithi's other half, an Irish-American whom he met at the 2008 Rose of Tralee, went into labour on Sunday night, a day before her due date.


She was brought to University Hospital Galway and gave birth to their baby son at 11.31am, weighing an impressive 8lbs 15oz.

Delighted Daithi told how they had "no idea" that he was going to be so big, but said that mum and baby were doing great.

And he added that he was going to resist drowning the shamrock last night in a double celebration, saying he was going to wait until later in the week.

He told how his in-laws were going to fly over from their New Jersey home this week so they could see their new grandson in person.

Messages of congratulations poured in for him and his wife Rita as their good news emerged.

Rita's sister Kristen tweeted her delight saying: "I'm an auntie again. Rita and Daithi had little Michael O'Se this morning on St Patrick's Day in Ireland ... doesn't get better than that.

"What a blessing for our Talty family. Best St Patrick's Day ever and wish we were there."