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Dail computers worth €12k went missing in 2011

COMPUTERS worth €12,000 that disappeared from Dail offices following the 2011 general election have been written off by the Government, the Herald has learned.

The Oireachtas Commission, which runs Leinster House, confirmed that 17 pieces of IT equipment, including laptops, had gone missing.

The loss was discovered following an internal investigation. A subsequent search of the entire Houses of the Oireachtas was carried out, but none of the lost computers were discovered.

A spokeswoman said last night that the equipment had not been assigned to any current or former TDs or senators, and that the entire matter was now "done".

She further told how the items originally cost €12,434, but that their value at the end of 2012 was €4,900 when depreciation was taken into account.

Gardai were also notified of the incident, but a criminal investigation was not launched.

"We had carried out a search, but we didn't get anywhere, and as a result the matter was taken up by the gardai, the spokeswoman told the Herald.

"It was then a matter for them to decide what to do about it. It's not as if we let the 17 pieces of equipment go missing. The people in the IT unit did mount a search."



She also indicated that the items were given to staff other than TDs and Senators.

"We all have a computer at our desk, some have laptops," the spokeswoman said. "There are more than 350 staff on the Oireachtas side alone, and it was never discovered what happened to what went missing."

She also claimed that it was not believed that the PCs were taken by former members of either house.

A garda spokesman confirmed that no arrests had been made as the matter had not been subject to any form of criminal investigation.

TDs are supplied with a personal computer for work purposes, as is their secretary and parliamentary assistant. Senators are also given a computer by Houses of the Oireachtas authorities.

Politicians are obliged to hand them back if they retire or lose their seat.