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Dad's scalp 'almost torn off' in front of daughter by thugs


Scene of attack in Hartstown

Scene of attack in Hartstown

Scene of attack in Hartstown

A DAD had part of his scalp almost "torn off" when he was attacked with a slash-hook in a barbaric daylight attack in front of his young daughter.

Victim Martin Collins (32) is being treated for his horrific injuries after the targeted attack, which happened on the Hartstown Road, west Dublin shortly before 3pm on Saturday.

The incident unfolded when the Ford car in which Mr Collins was driving was 'rear ended' by another vehicle driven by thugs who have been involved in a long-running violent feud with his associates.

This caused Mr Collins' car, whose passengers included his wife and daughter, to crash into a tree.

The attackers set upon Mr Collins with a slash hook causing him horrific injuries to the back of his head and shoulder.

Mr Collins had what were described as "severe head inuries" with one source saying part of his scalp was almost "torn off him".


"His wife and kid were in the car as he was being hacked at with this slash hook, in the middle of the day as well.

"It was horrific. They could have taken his head clean off."

"He was brought to Blanchardstown hospital but has since been transferred to the Mater due to the severity of his injuries."

No arrests had been made in the gruesome case last night, but sources have revealed that the attack is linked to a bitter north Dublin Traveller feud that has been ongoing for over four years.

Last week, two dogs owned by close associates of the suspected attackers of Mr Collins were shot dead on consecutive nights in Finglas.

Mr Collins, who lives in Cherryfield Walk, Clonsilla, is not a suspect in those incidents.

Saturday's attack is just the latest of over 100 violent incidents linked to the bitter feud.

Gardai in Finglas and Blanchardstown have done well to keep things under relative control and have managed to secure significant convictions.

"It is an absolute miracle that no-one has been murdered in this yet and Martin Collins joins a list of over a dozen men and women who have been very lucky to escape with their lives," said a source.

There has been a large number of petrol and pipe bomb attacks, as well as shots being fired at houses, with most of these incidents taking place in the Finglas over the past four years.