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Dad's memory all that matters to me -- Lottie

GERRY Ryan's family lived in a "bubble of ignorance" about his cocaine use, his daughter has said.

At Gerry's inquest, it emerged traces of the drug found in his system were a factor in his death.

Quizzed about it by Gerry's friend Ryan Tubridy on The Late, Late Show, his daughter Lottie (26) revealed she and her family "ignored" the stories.

"We lived in a wonderful bubble of ignorance," the budding TV and radio presenter said.

"At the end of the day, my dad passed away. Nothing else matters. It really is that simple. Everything becomes very black and white," Lottie said.

"He passed away and to me nothing else matters," she added. "It's a very black and white issue. Your whole life becomes very, very simple. The essence of what happens is all that matters," she said.

Lottie, the eldest of Gerry and his wife Morah's five children, said what really worked for the family in the wake of the tragedy was the "unbelievable" support from her dad's fans.

"I can't described what a comfort it was to have all those letters," she added.

Lottie told Tubridy she is the "most uncool person you ever met". Her idea of a good night is sitting in "with a takeaway and a movie", she revealed.


While she goes out for a dance every so often, she prefers the cinema and DVDs.

Lottie has hopes of following in her dad's footsteps by carving out a successful TV and radio career. "I'd love to do my own show," she said.

At Gerry's inquest, following his death two years ago, the pathologist said traces of cocaine were found in his system during toxicology tests.