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Dad's horror at having to leave one daughter on pitch at Hillsborough

The father of two sisters crushed to death at the Hillsborough disaster has given harrowing evidence to an inquest into the tragedy, telling how he battled to save them on the pitch.

Sarah Hicks (19) and her sister Victoria (15) had been standing in the central pens behind the goal on the Leppings Lane terrace on FA Cup semi-final match day in Sheffield in April 1989 after being separated from their father, Trevor.

Mr Hicks told the inquest that he called out their names as he gave them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions whilst laying side-by-side.

He spoke of the heartbreaking moment he had "no choice" but to leave his elder daughter on the pitch as he carried Vicki into an ambulance, saying that he felt "dreadful".

Today Trevor Hicks relived the moment he saw the "limp form" of his youngest daughter being passed over a fence onto the pitch after the surge.

"I have always been taught that one of the last things that goes is the hearing so I was calling their names," he said.

The inquest heard that Mr Hicks was orchestrating a "little squad" in supervising and encouraging others in the care of his girls.

"I was doing what I thought was best. I spent most of my time on Victoria but there was a group of us, it was a case of swapping around between the two girls, swapping who was doing mouth-to-mouth and who was doing the heart compressions."

The inquest was told that once an ambulance arrived on the pitch he carried Vicki "literally in our arms", assisted by another, before turning to get Sarah.


As he left for the hospital, he was assured more help was coming for Sarah and thus left in the ambulance. Mr Hicks said of his daughters, "as far as I was concerned they hadn't gone".

"My concern was to get Sarah into the ambulance once Vicki was in it.

"I was then faced with the awful choice of leaving Sarah, who I was assured would be placed in the next ambulance which was apparently coming. It was chaos."

The inquest continues.