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Dad's best at driving but mum's more fun

PERCEIVED prejudice against women drivers seems to kick in from an early age.

Most five- to seven-year-olds reckon dad is a better driver than mum and also think their father is better at parking than their mother.

But youngsters clearly have more fun in the car with their mothers than with their fathers, a survey from the RAC revealed.

Nearly twice as many of the 1,000 five- to seven-year-olds surveyed thought mum was a better car companion than dad.


According to the children, parents' bad taste in music was a main bugbear while in the car, with some youngsters also put off by mothers' and fathers' out-of-tune singing.

Other pet hates for the youngsters included their parents shouting at other drivers, with mothers more likely to use bad language in front of their offspring than fathers.