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Dad's a true Blue, mum's a die-hard Rebel - which side will baby Jack be on tomorrow?

A GAA-obsessed mixed county couple are preparing for a domestic showdown tomorrow as Dublin take on Cork.

Diehard Boys in Blue fan Shane Biggs and his patriotic 'Rebel' wife Ellie, from Newcestown in Cork, are set to put their love on hold for tomorrow's semi-final.

The Lucan-based couple, who are parents to five-month-old son Jack, are already squabbling over which side their baby will be supporting in the hotly awaited clash.

Speaking to the Herald, Shane, from Crumlin, said: "He will most definitely be supporting Dublin.

"I'm going to a Dublin and Cork stag in Killarney but we're all coming back up in time to go to the match on Sunday.

"I'm a huge GAA fan and I really think the back door system has finally worked in our favour. Hopefully we'll be celebrating because I won't be able to face my in-laws down in Cork for a long time otherwise.

"But I think this could be our year because we have a young team and the desire is there," he added.

But Ellie is convinced Cork will easily secure a victory. "I'm a total rebel but Shane is going for Dublin all the way. He's a city slicker and I'm a culchie farmer's daughter from west Cork. There is fierce rivalry because this is the first time they have met since we've known each other.

"There might be some separation after the game because after the hurlers went out to Kilkenny, we're relying on the footballers to bring back some county pride.

"I think Cork will definitely win but we'll give Dublin a start. It won't be an easy game but I think Cork will win by about a goal and eight points. I've no doubt I'll be consoling Shane on Sunday evening.

"Jack was born in the Coombe but he was made in Cork so he won't just be supporting Dublin," she added.

Baby Jack will be kitted out in a custom-made half Cork, half Dublin jersey during the game, which he will be watching with Ellie at home.


They had it specially made by O'Neills for €25 in time for this Sunday.

"The Dublin half is bigger, as it should be," joked Shane.

The loved-up couple, who wed 14 months ago, decorated their wedding reception with both Cork and Dublin flags.

But they aren't the only family members facing a divide this weekend. Shane's twin sister Emma is soon to be wed to John from Bantry in Cork.

Shane is due to attend John's stag this weekend before they all gather back in Dublin on Sunday to attend the game.

"We wouldn't miss it for the world so we're getting the train back up at the crack of dawn. It should be a fantastic weekend," he added.