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Dad went undercover in Zambia to 'rescue' his son

THE dad who "rescued" his little boy from his Zambian mother said he was forced to take drastic action for his son's sake.

Richard Quarry's son Ethan was snatched by his mother Elizabeth Daka last April and taken to her native country.

Mr Quarry has sole custody of the seven-year-old and undertook the dramatic rescue operation in December. He returned to Ireland last weekend.

He said he hopes his actions will prompt Ms Daka to return to Ireland so they can "get back to how things were".

But Mr Quarry rejected suggestions he also abducted the child. "I use the term rescuing," he said. "I believe I didn't act in any illegal manner."

Zambia has not signed up to the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, so Mr Quarry was unable to pursue Ms Daka through the courts.

He tracked down her and his son with the help of a private investigator and went undercover for six weeks. He disguised his appearance by growing a beard and when they located the exact location of Ethan's school, he walked into the building



"I saw a sign for reception, introduced myself and said I was here to see Ethan. The man asked me to sign in, which I did," he said.

"He then went to another room, so I took it upon myself to find Ethan. I walked into a computer class and said I was looking for Ethan – they pointed me to the classroom. There was Ethan in the middle with his jaw on the floor. He nearly didn't recognise me – bushy beard."

The pair walked out of the school and made a dash for the border. They returned to Ireland on Saturday and have moved into a new home.

"A couple of times he's said to me, 'Dad, I'm so glad to be here'," he said.

He said he does not believe Irish authorities would have any questions about his actions.

"I don't think they'll take a dim view – there was no violence, I feel I executed in as clean and calm a way as possible," he said.