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Dad tried to ram gardai yards from mum with pram

A MOTORIST with 35 driving offences almost rammed a garda van just yards from where a mother was pushing a pram.

Barry Kennedy, who has already had three road bans, was jailed for six months and banned for 22 years for dangerous driving after he led officers on a high-speed chase through a city suburb.

Kennedy, of Dolphin's Road, Crumlin, had denied the charges, insisting he was a back- seat passenger in the car.

But Judge William Hamill sentenced him after accepting the identification evidence of four different gardai. Garda Philip O'Byrne told Dublin District Court he was on duty with Garda Sgt Pat Greensmith in an unmarked patrol car on the Crumlin Road at 4.30pm on July 7 last year.

They were stopped in heavy traffic when a silver Mazda 626, coming in the opposite direction, turned right in front of them, on to Windmill Road.


Garda O'Byrne immediately recognised Kennedy. He followed the Mazda, activating the patrol car's blue light and siren, but it failed to stop.

The Mazda accelerated as it turned on to Raphoe Road, driving through a red light there and back on to the Crumlin Road, where it drove on the wrong side of the road, forcing other traffic to swerve out of the way. The dangerous driving continued as he turned on to Bangor Road. "On Bangor Road, he attempted to ram a garda van," Garda O'Byrne said. "The van had to take evasive action to avoid a collision."

The car finally came to a halt when it returned to the Crumlin Road and Kennedy was arrested in a nearby garden.

Garda Thomas Tighe, the driver of the van, said: "I knew if I didn't get out of the way, this car was going to hit my van."

He saw Kennedy trying to keep control of the car while members of the public were in the vicinity, including "a lady with a pram on the footpath".

The court Kennedy had a young child at home who he was looking after while his partner was working.