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Dad-of-three in garda rape threat

A FATHER-of-three threatened to rape a young garda when she confronted him for loitering on a city centre street.

Gary Brogan (36) also said he would urinate on the officer.

He was convicted and fined €300 after he was found guilty of causing a breach of the peace.

Brogan, of O'Brien Hall, Gardiner Street Lower, had denied saying anything abusive to garda after he was found hanging around an area frequented by drug users.

Garda Claire Quinn said she was on patrol with Garda Stephen Flynn on Marlboro Street at 12.35pm on May 19 when they came across a group of men and women.

"On approaching Gary Brogan, he became aggressive and abusive toward both myself and Garda Flynn," she said. The group, including the defendant, were told to move on.

"As they were walking away, he then turned and looked at me and said 'I'm going to rape her and p*** all over her'.

"When he said this I was quite shocked and taken aback and I had to ask Garda Flynn was that what he had just said. Garda Flynn confirmed that it was," Garda Quinn said.


The accused was directed to leave but failed to do so and was arrested. He was the only one arrested as he was the most aggressive of the group. In cross examination, the garda said she was "100pc sure" that Brogan had said this to her. Asked why the rape remark was not included in the written summary of the case given by the gardai to the defence, Garda Quinn replied: "Maybe because it is such rude language, I probably wouldn't put such abusive words down on a piece of paper."

Garda Flynn was also asked why he had not included the threat in the written summary. "With the nature of the language, I felt it was a bit much to be putting on a piece of paper," he said.

In evidence, Brogan said his only involvement was to try to remove a woman who was becoming aggressive.

Brogan told the court: "Before I knew it I was put in a police car. I did not shout anything back. Nothing at all. I did not say anything like that at all."