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Dad jailed for biting garda

A YOUNG Dublin man who bit the inside of a garda's elbow while grappling with a prison guard on a District Court floor, has received an 18-month sentence.

Glen Conroy (22), of Mourne View, Skerries, was being escorted back to a prison van after appearing in court when he saw his partner and child in the courthouse foyer and began lashing out in a bid to see them.

He clamped his teeth into Garda Mark McKenna's forearm during the struggle.

Judge Delahunt, in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, backdated sentence to October 2009, when it first came before court after a substantial delay.

Circus worker in drugs find

A CIRCUS performer who was found with €3,700 worth of heroin in a drawer in her kitchen was given a three-year suspended sentence.

Sharon Tighe, of Rathminton Crescent in Tallaght pleaded guilty to possessing 18.5g of heroin at her home on June 27, 2008.

She appeared before Judge Martin Nolan at Dublin Circuit Court. She said she was asked to mind the bag for someone she could not identify but said she was in debt, which would be cleared for holding the drugs.

Courier robbed by burqa man

A gunman dressed in a head-to-toe black burqa and sunglasses robbed a cash courier in a shopping centre parking lot, Australian police said today.

The courier just withdrew a large amount of cash from a bank yesterday when he spotted two men following him, New South Wales state police said in a statement.

A man approached wearing a black burqa and sunglasses. The man pointed a pistol, grabbed the cash and fled, police said.

Hailstorm kills 25 in China

A tornado and hailstorms killed at least 25 people and injured more than 150 near the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing early today.

The storm tore down more than 1,000 houses and damaged over 10,000 more, a local website said.

Infrastructure and crops were also seriously damaged, with the cost expected to run over 20 million yuan (€2.3m).