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Dad: I didn't neglect tot in garda chase

A DAD accused of stuffing his baby son under his jacket and fleeing from gardai over garden walls after refusing to return the boy to the child's mother has denied the charges against him.

The man is accused of nearly dropping the baby several times as he struck a garda with a tricycle and tried to bite officers during the standoff in north Dublin.

It is alleged that he challenged the gardai, "come and take me to the ground with the baby", during the incident.

He has had the case against him adjourned after he pleaded not guilty.

The defendant, who is in his early 20s, will contest the case in a non-jury trial at Blanchardstown District Court.

The young man is charged with ill-treating his child in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering, under the Children Act.

He is also charged with using a tricycle as a weapon, assaulting Garda David Fahy, public intoxication and breach of the peace.

When the case came before Judge Anthony Halpin, defence solicitor Fiona Brennan said a date for hearing was required.

Judge Halpin set aside a half-day and remanded the accused on continuing bail.

On a previous date, the court heard the episode happened on a date in September last year. Gardai were called to a reported domestic incident and allegedly saw the accused running toward them with the baby zipped into his hooded jacket.


He shouted abuse at the patrol car, telling gardai to f**k off, while making gestures with his hands and waving them in an aggressive manner, it was alleged.

The prosecution would maintain the baby slipped from the jacket and the accused moved to catch it so it wouldn't fall. The accused ran and the gardai chased him because they were in fear for the child's safety.

The accused continually told them to "f**k off" and kept saying he would not give the baby back, the court was told.

Gardai believed the accused may have been under the influence of an intoxicant and the baby was crying throughout, while the mother asked the accused to give the baby back.

The defendant tried to hit out at the gardai with both hands and the baby again began to fall, it was alleged.

The garda went to catch the baby but the accused again managed to catch the child.

He then ran off again, roaring: "Come and take me to the ground with the baby -- come on, fight me", the court heard.

He allegedly charged at gardai and attempted to bite them, was again asked to return the baby but refused to calm down, it was alleged.

When gardai tried to stop him leaving, it was alleged he picked up a tricycle and threw it at Garda Fahy, hitting him with it. The defendant nearly fell over in the process. He then started jumping over garden walls, nearly dropping the baby.

He was not holding the child with his hands at any stage, Sgt Doherty Mary alleged.

Eventually, Garda Fahy managed to get the child to safety and the defendant was arrested, the court heard.