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Dad hoarded €27k of drugs

A DUBLIN father will be sentenced later for holding over €26,900 of cannabis herb for drug dealers.

Lee Mooney (29) of Maerwood Grove, Ballymun, took full responsibility for the drugs when gardai discovered the cache in a sports bag in the front garden of another local home.

Det Garda Louise McHugh said Mooney told garda interviewers that he'd "run up a bill" with certain people he feared and had to do "favours" for them to offset his €30,000 debt.

He pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possessing the drugs, which gardai valued at €26,957, on June 26, 2008.

Student knifed

snorer to death

A Chinese student who stabbed his sleeping room-mate to death because he snored too much has been given a suspended death sentence.

A court in Changchun handed down the sentence to 24-year-old Guo Liwei, who confessed to stabbing his room-mate to death in November.

A suspended death sentence is usually changed to life in prison after two years if the person shows good behaviour.

Mexico heroin 'king' seized

Federal police arrested Mexico's 'King of Heroin', a powerful drug trafficker allegedly responsible for running thousands of pounds of heroin into southern California each year.

Jose Antonio Medina (36), nicknamed Don Pepe, was arrested in the western state of Michoacan.

He ran a smuggling operation that hauled 440lbs of heroin each month across the Mexican border in Tijuana for La Familia drug cartel.

Suspects held for Tube killing

Detectives were quizzing several people today over the fatal stabbing of a youth in one of London's busiest Tube stations during evening rush hour.

Arrests were made following the incident at Victoria Tube station shortly before 5.20pm yesterday.

The victim suffered serious stab wounds to his upper body and died in hospital. The attack took place near the station booking office.

He said: "Officers are working to identify the man and to make contact with next of kin."

The incident caused disruption to Tube passengers as Circle and District line trains did not stop at Victoria and the ticket hall was closed while the police investigation continued.