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Dad guilty of viciously whipping daughter (5) on her legs and back

A TAXI driver "whipped" his young daughter with a telephone cord to "discipline" her after she jumped on her sister's bed and broke it, a court heard.

The man left the five-year-old girl with welts on her back and the backs of her legs after the attack.

A judge said he was "absolutely shocked", by the man's behaviour, and said the assault was "appalling".

The court heard that the HSE has been involved in the case, and the man has been attending a number of parenting courses.

Defence solicitor Tracey Horan said the girl, her siblings and their mother were moved out of the family home by the HSE, but after two nights they asked to go home as they were missing their daddy.

Ms Horan said an incident like this had never happened before and the whole family is very shocked by it.

She said that the man admits that he had "totally over-reacted".


Judge David McHugh said he was "absolutely shocked" by the assault and said the man deserved to go to jail.

The judge ordered a probation report prior to sentencing.

The man, who cannot be named to protect his daughter, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to seriously assaulting the five-year-old girl at the family home in Blanchardstown on October 30 last year.

Garda Sgt Maria Callaghan said the girl and her mother walked into Blanchardstown Garda Station to report that her father had hit her a number of time with the cord from the telephone.

Sgt Callaghan said the man arrived home late at night to find his daughter had jumped on her sister's bed and broken it.

He was angry with her and waited until the next morning to "discipline" her.

The girl was left with welts on her back and the backs of her legs.

Ms Horan said the man deeply regrets his behaviour.

She said he arrived home very late from work, the children were making noise and he totally over-reacted.

She said the incident was a "one-off thing", the defendant has been working with the HSE, and family life is returning to normal.

The court heard the man's wife was in court to support her husband.

Judge McHugh expressed his shock at the assault. He said he wanted an extensive probation report and adjourned sentencing to a date in May.